Ultimate Texas Hold'em

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is similar to a regular poker game, except that players compete against the dealer and not the other players.

Ultimate Texas Hold'em

The objective of the game is to achieve a five-card Poker hand that is higher than that of the Dealer.


  1. To start, each player must place an equal bet in each of the ‘Ante’ and ‘Blind’ areas. Players also have the option of placing an additional nominal bet on the area marked Trips.
  2. After the initial bets have been placed, all players and the Dealer receive two cards (‘Hole Cards’) face down.
  3. Each player can then choose whether to Check or bet three or four times their Ante bet.
  4. After all players have either Checked or bet, the Dealer displays the Flop.
  5. If a player has not already bet, they can choose to Check again or bet Play two times equal to their Ante. After that the Dealer displays the last two Community Cards.
  6. If a player has not already bet, they must then either place a bet equal to their Ante bet or Fold. If a player Folds, they will lose all their bets for that hand.
  7. The Dealer will then open their cards, announce their qualifying hand, and then proceed to open each player’s Hole Cards. Both the Dealer and all players must use both their Hole Cards together with three Community Cards to make the best five-cards Poker hand that they can.
  8. The Dealer can only qualify by having a pair or better. If the Dealer does not qualify, each player’s Ante bet will be returned to them, but the Play, Blind and Trips bets are still in action and will be paid out accordingly to any player whose hand is better than the Dealer’s hand.
  9. If the Dealer qualifies: a. Ante and Play bets win even money if a player’s hand beats the Dealer’s hand. b. Play, Ante and Blind bets lose if the Dealer’s hand beats a player’s hand. c. Play, Ante and Blind bets are a push if a player and the Dealer have identical hands.
  10. The Blind bet is paid according to the odds posted on the table-layout only if a player has beat the Dealer with a Straight or higher; anything less is a Push.
  11. If a player made a Trips bet at the start of the round, this will be paid according to the Trips odds if the player has Trips, or higher even if the Dealer’s hand beats the player’s hand.

Table Games have varying minimum and maximum bets. Before you sit down, please check the sign displaying the betting range at the table. Good Luck … and Remember As with all Table Games, if you are not sure about a bet or the rules of the game, just ask one of our Dealers for assistance. They will be happy to explain anything about the game that you may not understand, or provide you with further information in relation to the rules.

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