Progressive Best Hand Race has a total daily prize fund of BGN 300. The amount participates for cash prizes and accruals, divided for each of the games:
Texas Hold’em (flyingmoney)
150 leva
Pot Limit Omaha (flyingmoney)
150 leva.
Every day at 00:00 the participant with the highest hand combination will leave with a prize, according to the following conditions:

a) If the strongest combination for the day is "Straight Flush" or a weaker combination - the player receives a prize of BGN 100 from the fund
b) If the strongest combination for the day is "Royal Flush", then the player wins the "Royal Flush" jackpot - the amount accumulated so far for the game, together with BGN 150 from the fund for the day
c) Provided that on the given day the strongest combination for the day is not "Royal Flush", then BGN 50 from the total prize fund will be accumulated for the next day in the "Royal Flush" jackpot.
d) If the customer with the winning hand is not present at the casino at the time of the announcement at midnight, the full prize money is accrued for the Royal Flush jackpot.

+18 Bet wisely. The rules and conditions of the organizing company apply.

  • Date & Time /2022-08-30, 00:00
  • Location /PRC Poker Room
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