New Year - new luck, our people have been told, and the Asian philosophy of life actually urges us to row handfuls of it on New Year's Eve. In the eponymous 888. The eponymous because 8 in the East is the lot of luck, prosperity and well-being. In the first part of the celebration, expect us to unlock with a culinary ritual of bliss. In the second part, we will lock it in you forever. With music. For a more successful year.
The package includes dinner at 888 Taste Show Asian Cuisine and an amazing DJ party at Black & White Lounge Bar!
New Year's menu
The menu at 888 has the option of Fish, Meat or Vegetarian

⭐Fish Menu⭐


★Fish gyoza

★Shishche collar ebi

★Say jack with curry butter

★Futo gamba

★Ying and Yang Crispy Wild Sea Bass

★fortune cookie

⭐Meat Menu⭐


★Beef gyoza

★Beef Skewer

★Shrimp in a pan with butter and ginger

★Futomaki with beef

★Beef tenderloin in banana leaf with purple carrot puree

★fortune cookie

⭐Vegetarian Menu⭐

★Orange salad

★Gyoza vegetable

★Spring rolls

★Rocket roll

★Eggplant with wafu

★Celery steak with mashed potatoes and truffle

★fortune cookie

Drinks at 888

(hard alcohol is optional)


★Mineral water 330 ml. 2 pcs.

★Non-alcoholic 250 ml. 2 pcs.

★Strandjanska brandy 200 ml

★Vodka Russian Standard / Whiskey Paddy / ★Chivas Regal 200 ml.*

★San Remo beer 2 pcs.

★San Remo white, rose or red wine 375 ml.

*Part of the package - B&W from 11:00 p.m.

(DJ party)

★Proseko St. Lewis 100 ml.

★San Remo beer 2 pcs.

★Vodka Russian Standard / Whiskey Paddy / ★Chivas Regal 100 ml.*

★Nuts Mix 50 g.

★Petituri 2 pcs

★Eclairs 2 pcs

★Pasta 2 pcs.

★Muffins 1 pc.

★Fortune Pie

Price per envelope: BGN 200.

For reservations: 02 444 0888

+18 Bet wisely. The rules and conditions of the organizing company apply.

  • Date & Time /2022-12-31, 20:00
  • Location /888 Taste Show Asian Cuisine & Black & White Club
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